Community Guidelines for SpringCube’s Career Jobsite

SpringCube Asia owns and operates as a job portal that helps job seekers search and apply for job opportunities in the technology industry.

We expect all our users to adhere to the following guidelines and be respectful and professional at all times when using SpringCube’s Job Site.

Community Guidelines for Job Seekers

Welcome to SpringCube Asia’s career hub for technology professionals. Our mission is to connect talented professionals in the tech industry with innovative employers, ranging from startups to global tech giants. At SpringCube, we’re dedicated to fostering a vibrant, inclusive community where tech careers flourish.

Your Profile: A Reflection of Your Professionalism

Accurate Information: Your job profile or CV should be complete, truthful, and up-to-date. This includes your name, email address, current location (town, city, country), contact number, educational background, work experience, special skills, and significant achievements.

Verification Responsibility: While SpringCube facilitates connections, we rely on you to ensure the accuracy of your career history and qualifications. Note that employers may conduct background checks and verify your educational credentials.

Professional Profile Photo: A professional photo enhances your profile’s credibility. We encourage you to upload a picture that reflects your professionalism.

Engaging with Employers

Professional Conduct: Engage with employers responsibly and professionally. If an opportunity isn’t suitable, politely decline.

Equal Opportunity and Respect: SpringCube promotes equal opportunity and expects all members to treat each other with respect, regardless of their role in the marketplace.

Intellectual Property and Privacy

Respect Copyright: Do not plagiarize content on your profile or CV. We take copyright infringement seriously and will remove any content that breaches these laws.

Privacy Matters: We respect your personal data and are committed to safeguarding your privacy. If you suspect misuse of your information, please inform us immediately. Employers with access to our candidate database may contact you directly based on your provided information. We encourage openness to these communications to maximize your career opportunities.

Account Management

Single Profile Policy: To maintain clarity and integrity, you are permitted to have only one job profile on SpringCube. Duplicate or fake profiles will be removed.

Legal Compliance

No Illegal Practices: Users must comply with all relevant regulations, including permits and employment laws. SpringCube does not support any illegal activities or businesses.

  • All job postings must comply with local, state, and federal laws.
  • Recruiters must ensure that the roles they advertise are lawful and legitimate.
  • Any job that requires an employee to engage in illegal activities is strictly prohibited.

Community Spirit

SpringCube is more than a platform; it’s a community. Our success is built on mutual respect, integrity, and a shared goal of advancing tech careers in Asia. Let’s work together to maintain a professional, welcoming environment for all.

Community Guidelines for Recruiters

Welcome to SpringCube, a job marketplace for technology professionals and recruitment services. We’re dedicated to facilitating connections between top tech talent and innovative employers. To maintain a high standard of service and integrity, we ask all employers and recruiters using our platform to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Purpose and Scope

These guidelines govern all interactions on SpringCube. Compliance is mandatory for maintaining a constructive environment. 

Respect and Professionalism

Users must conduct themselves professionally, respecting all members of the community.

2. Authenticity and Accuracy

Truthful Posting: Recruiters must ensure all job postings are authentic and accurately reflect the position and requirements. Your company profile should accurately reflect your organization, including a valid website address.

    • All jobs posted must be for genuine, currently available positions.
    • Job descriptions should be clear, accurate, and provide a realistic overview of the role and responsibilities.
    • Salary and compensation details must be honest and in accordance with the industry standards.

Verification: SpringCube does not verify the authenticity of job posts or any external links provided. The responsibility for the truthfulness and legality of postings lies entirely with the recruiter.

3. Respectful Use of the Candidate Database

Ethical Access: Use SpringCube’s candidate database solely for candidate search and recruitment purposes.

Professional Conduct: Contact candidates exclusively for legitimate job opportunities that offer legal and financial compensation.

4. Equal Opportunity Employment

Non-Discrimination: Commit to an Equal Opportunity employment policy, ensuring fair treatment and consideration for all candidates. 

    • Job postings must adhere to non-discrimination laws.
    • We do not tolerate postings that show bias or preference based on race, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected status.

5. Ethical Recruitment Practices

Fairness in Hiring: Recruitment processes should be conducted ethically and fairly. Misleading, deceptive, or unethical practices are strictly prohibited.

6. Privacy and Data Security

Confidential Handling: Respect and protect the personal data of candidates. Use candidate information obtained from SpringCube strictly for hiring and employment purposes. 

Handle all candidate data and communications with the utmost privacy and respect. Comply with data protection regulations.

7. Legal Compliance and Content Integrity

Responsibility: You are responsible for verifying the accuracy and integrity of content and candidates related to your postings. Ensure all candidates meet the necessary regulatory requirements, including permits and employment regulations.

No Illegal Practices: SpringCube does not support or endorse any illegal activities or businesses.

8. Compliance with Employment Laws

Legal Adherence: Job listings must comply with all relevant employment laws and regulations, including non-discriminatory practices, as applicable in Singapore and in the jurisdiction of the job location.

Prohibited Job Listings:

The following types of job listings are not allowed on our platform:

    • Illegal Activities: Any job involving illegal activities, including but not limited to:
      • Drug manufacturing and distribution.
      • Theft, fraud, or embezzlement.
      • Human trafficking or exploitation.
      • Money laundering or financing of illegal activities.
    • Adult Services: We strictly prohibit jobs related to:
      • Prostitution or escort services.
      • Pornography production or distribution.
      • Adult entertainment venues where illegal activities are known to occur.
    • Violent or Dangerous Activities: Jobs that require or endorse violence, harm to individuals or animals, or pose significant safety risks.
    • Unethical Practices: Jobs involving unethical practices, such as:
      • Pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing (MLM) where recruitment is the primary focus without a legitimate product or service.
      • Scams, phishing, or any job requiring deception or fraud.
    • Unlicensed Practice: Positions requiring professional licenses or certifications where such credentials are not possessed by the employer or are not verified for the employees.

9. Responsibility for Content

User-Generated Content: Recruiters are fully responsible for any content they post, including job descriptions and external links. SpringCube is not liable for inaccuracies or misrepresentations in these postings.

10. No Endorsement by SpringCube

Independent Listings: Recruiters should be aware that SpringCube does not endorse any job postings. Our platform acts as a medium for listings, without any express or implied validation of the content.

11. No SpringCube Staff Involvement

Independent Posting: Recruiters cannot expect staff or members of SpringCube to review, edit, or vet through their job descriptions. The onus of ensuring the accuracy and appropriateness of the content lies with the job poster.

12. Avoidance of Spam and Unwanted Communications

Communication Etiquette: Refrain from sending unsolicited emails or messages to candidates. Ensure all communications are relevant and professional.

13. No Misuse of Platform Features

Appropriate Use: Use platform tools and features, such as job posting and messaging functionalities, appropriately and as intended. Misuse or exploitation of these features is not allowed.

14. Reporting and Enforcement

    • Users are encouraged to report any job postings or behaviors that violate these guidelines.
    • Our team will review reports and take appropriate action, which may include removing content, suspending accounts, or involving law enforcement for serious violations.

15. Conclusion 

By adhering to these guidelines, recruiters contribute to maintaining the integrity and efficacy of the SpringCube platform. We value your participation and strive to facilitate a seamless recruitment experience. Your cooperation is essential in upholding these standards and ensuring a positive environment for all users.

16. Commitment to Excellence

Our team at SpringCube is committed to providing an exceptional experience for all users of our digital career marketplace and recruitment services. We trust that you will uphold these guidelines to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of our platform.

17. Adherence to SpringCube Policies

Terms of Use: By using SpringCube, you agree to abide by these guidelines and our Terms of Use. Failure to comply may result in account suspension or other restrictions.

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